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PMU Tattoo Cleanser Foam - Permanent Makeup(200ml)

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    Introducing PMU Professional Cleanser Foam U.S.P:
    An essential product for both during and after the tattoo procedure, our Cleanser Foam is a top choice among professionals. Crafted from pure vegetable oils and glycerine, this 200 ml all-natural soap ensures gentle yet effective cleansing.

    Features & Benefits:
    - Designed for Microblading, permanent makeup, and PMU tattoo work, our soap is a must-have for cleansing skin before and after procedures.
    - Professionals trust our soap for its ability to cleanse tools and instrument trays, eliminate dried blood and protein soils, and remove smeared pigments after the procedure.
    - Suitable for sensitive skin, it aids in removing dead skin and impurities, enhancing the vibrancy of your tattoo.
    - Responsibly sourced vegan ingredients guarantee skin safety without parabens or harmful chemicals.


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