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Mulgwang X5 Korea Serum

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    Introducing Mulgwang X5 Korea Clinic Ampoule 10ml – PT291, a serum designed to enhance skin radiance and firmness. Mulgwang utilizes the Mesotherapy method to directly deliver its exclusive nourishing formula deep beneath the skin's surface.
    In addition to its concentrated super nutrients, Mulgwang contains water-absorbing particles that provide a dewy, glowing effect commonly seen in Korean skincare. Both the formula and treatment regimen of Mulgwang are imported entirely from South Korea.
    A single Mulgwang treatment has the ability to regenerate and nourish the skin equivalent to applying 100 face masks and using cream for 100 days. However, unlike masks and creams, Mulgwang's deep and long-lasting absorption ensures superior efficacy.
    Mulgwang, which means "hydrated and glowing like water droplets" in Korean, is hailed as a skincare breakthrough.
    Mulgwang employs stem cell and placenta technology, along with synthetic DNA, tailored to address specific skin concerns of each individual.

    Benefits of Mulgwang Serum:
    + Brightens and smoothens the skin tone after a treatment.
    + Rejuvenates and fights against aging.
    + Enhances skin radiance and softness.
    + Minimizes pore size and optimizes sebum control.
    + Improves the appearance of grade 1 and grade 2 acne scars.
    + Helps fade pigmentation and dark spots on the face.
    + Boosts skin elasticity, resulting in a more contoured, youthful, and firm appearance while preventing sagging.
    + Regenerates the skin's protective barrier.
    + Reduces keratinization.
    + Restores and regenerates a new skin foundation.
    + Your skin will appear younger after just one treatment.

    + Mulgwang is directly administered via microneedling once every 7 days (for optimal results, it is recommended to undergo 2-3 treatments per regimen).
    + Apply daily in the morning and evening.
    + A 10ml bottle can be used for two applications.

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