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PURE 24K GOLD LEAF (Luxury Gold Facial )- 50pcs - Lá vàng

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    • Improve the overall health of your skin and develop a radiant glow with ongoing use of our 24K pure gold face mask skin care 
      Each tr Its nourishing ingredients help smooth wrinkles, hydrate, and lock in moisture to give your skin a supple glow for days to come. 
    • Use this 24K pure gold face mask skin care set to decrease the signs of aging and help your skin appear more youthful with more of a glow. 

      Step 1:
      Cleanse and dry your face.

      Step 2: 
      Apply Gold Collagen Gel Serum

      Step 3: 
      Apply the 24K facial gold sheets on your face, focusing on your cheeks, forehead and chin. Add extra 24K collagen gel 

      Step 4:
      Using RF machine , massage your face until the product has been absorbed. You can apply the 24K Gold Collagen serum again at this step.

      Mix the content of the 24K gold jelly mask with water using a spatula, apply to your skin and leave on for 20 minutes. 

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