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Ce’Blus Tone Up Cream - Kem ngày nâng tông trắng da , ngừa mụn - Day Cream

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     Ce’Blus Tone Up Cream - Day Cream
    **Key Benefits:**
    - **Deep Moisturization:** Enriched with marula oil and palmitic fatty acids, it forms a moisture-locking layer, keeping skin hydrated and smooth all day.
    - **Sensitive Skin Restoration:** Packed with nutrients to stimulate skin renewal, reduce irritation, and enhance skin resistance against environmental damage.
    - **Oil Control:** Balances oil production, reduces acne, and leaves skin clear and healthy.
    - **Pore Tightening:** Controls oil production to shrink pores, leaving skin smooth and supple.
    - **Brightening Effect:** Instantly evens out skin tone, provides a smooth foundation for makeup, and brightens skin over time.
    - **Protection from Cosmetics:** Forms a protective barrier to shield skin from harmful chemicals in makeup.
    - **Anti-Aging:** Rich in anti-aging nutrients to eliminate free radicals, stimulate collagen production, and improve skin elasticity and firmness.

    - Apply daily as part of your morning skincare routine.
    - Recommended to use sunscreen after application for additional protection.

    - Light, thin, and fast-absorbing.
    - Water-resistant and long-lasting, suitable for all skin tones.

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